Article: Fox 2 - Some opting for surgery to eliminate their 'man boobs'


49-year-old Will Bennett is passionate about resilient martial arts. 43-year-old Doug Carpenter is a clinical psychologist. They live two different lives, but both men have suffered embarrassment over their breasts.

"I am rarely without a shirt on in public, rarely go to pools," said Bennett.

"I've always worn baggy clothes or my shirts untucked," said Carpenter. 

The problem brought both men to plastic surgeon Ruthie McCrary. Bennett said it has bothered him since he was a teen in the locker room. 

"I happened to notice that my chest was different, that it was larger, more feminine," he told us.

There are three different times when hormones can trigger growth in male breast tissue, officially called gynocomastia.

"When you're first born and then when you're an adolescent and then the older men between 40 to 60 range when the hormone levels change," McCrary said.

Carpenter recently lost about 50 pounds, but he couldn't make his man boobs disappear, so he opted for surgery.

The procedure involves liposuction and sometimes skin removal.

We asked Dr. McCrary if once you have the surgery whether the man boobs are gone forever.

"There's no more fat cells in that area, so if they gain weight, it would go to another area," she said.

Capoeira is the Brazilian martial art that has helped Bennett get fit. Soon he said he will have the surgery, and both guys said they have no trouble going public with a problem they have always tried to hide.

"I think that I can help other men who are experiencing the same challenge if I'm open about it," said Bennett.

"I want, especially teenage boys, to know that there's a healthy alternative. You don't have to live with the condition," said Carpenter.

We checked out some research in the Journal Pediatrics that shows most teenage boys will outgrow gynocomastia in two years after their hormone levels stabilize.

The cost for the cosmetic procedure ranges from $5,000 to $7,000.


Fox 2 News featuring Dr. Ruthie McCrary


Keep Your Skin Perfect With These Tips

Every woman wants to have perfect younger looking skin. Well this is easy to do as long as you take time to do it. It is not something that will do itself. Perfect skin can be obtained but you will need to help it along sometimes. There are several easy tips you can use to keep your skin looking perfect. Many of them are not very costly and do not take much time to do. Your skin does much more than just look good, so keeping it healthy is a good start to keeping it perfect.

Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise not only keep all of you healthy it will also keep you skin toned and health. Eating right will give your skin the vitamins and nutrients that will keep your skin young. Drinking water is a vital part of keeping your skin hydrated. Making sure your skin stays hydrated will help it to soft and revitalized. Make sure you eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, this will give your skin important nutrients that your skin needs to keep your skin cells functioning properly.

Proper Daily Care

Making sure you have the right daily care routine for your skin will make a big difference. Your skin needs attention daily. There are so many things we put our skin through that it has to be revitalized daily to help it recover. With the sun exposure, wearing makeup, sweating or just around hazardous elements could really through your face off track. You should find a facial scrub that works good for your face and use it at least twice daily. Your morning face wash will help to wake your skin up and wash away anything from the evening and the afternoon wash will help wash away anything that might have come in contact with your face during the day. Especially make up going to bed with makeup on can cause your skin to look older than what it is. The chemicals that some makeups have in them can really make your face feel run down and dull looking. Try to find a facial cleanser that does not have alcohol. Alcohol can dry your face out and make it look flaky.


When you have tried everything and nothing will seem to make your skin look shiny and new then you can try micro-dermabrasion. This process uses a sanding technique to finely remove the top layer of you skin. Which will allow for a new layer of skin to shine through. This is a very easy procedure and can be done in your dermatologist office during a regular visit. It is a very non evasive procedure and can make your skin look young and fresh in minutes.

Your skin is what hold you together. You should take care of it the best way you know how. It is the largest organ your body has and normally the first thing people see when they meet you. Taking care of our skin is a relatively easy thing to do. These few tips should help you make a good start of it.


Face Lift - Plastic Surgeon in Detroit Michigan

As you age, your skin is naturally exposed to the elements including stress, dry air, sun, and gravity. All of these can take their toll on your face and neckline. You can reduce these aging signs significantly when you use a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan to complete a facelift.

When you need a facelift you can find a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan instantly. Many practices in the area boast board-certified surgeons who are members of associations such as the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan you can enjoy a wide range of surgical as well as non-surgical options, all of which can enhance your natural appearance.

When you visit the websites for a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan you can find certifications, testimonials, as well as photo galleries which feature before and after photos for many procedures including a facelift.

When you are considering a facelift from a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan you will quickly discover that there are many types. Facelifts all include cutting the skin which is around your ears and pulling it back to remove any excess. This procedure results in a smoother jawlines, fewer wrinkles, less fat, and a younger appearance. All facelift procedures are surgical.

You can hire a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan to perform one of the least invasive facelifts which is called a lunchtime facelift. This procedure only takes on hour and offers some impressive short term results, but with the use of sutures only the results only last one year but the sutures remain in your skin. Most professional and certified surgeons will not use this method anymore because of the poor results.

Simple procedures remain effective today and there are many methods of paying for your facelift. When you use a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan you can work out payment arrangements or installments and sometimes, the need for a facelift is covered through your insurance depending on the plan used.

It is important that you contact the professionals you are considering so that you can learn about their methods, recovery, costs, expertise, etc… You can benefit from consultations with each prior to deciding upon a certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan and the location you want to use.

A certified and professional plastic surgeon in Detroit, Michigan should be welcoming and make you feel comfortable during your optional cosmetic surgery. They should also be able to provide you with all of the answers to your questions, complimentary information regarding the procedure, a list of how to prepare for the procedure and what to do during your recovery time. If any problems ensue, they should be open and willing to see you immediately to attempt to rectify the concerns. No matter why you want the facelift, you can find professionals willing to help.

Healthy Eating and Exercise

Healthy eating and exercise is the number one key to keeping fit. We all have heard it and sometimes it might not always be that easy to do. But there are some things that you can do that will help to even things out sometimes. It is important for everyone to set healthy eating habits, especially parents or child care givers. Our children are getting obese by the thousands every year. They see what we eat and are eating the same way. It is time that parents took a stand and admitted to not always eating properly in front of our children. The first place kids learn is at home, they see what we eat and what kind of exercise that we do or not do, and imitate us. So start paying attention to our own healthy eating and exercise habits to make our children better.


Our diet should contain as much water as you can, crisp fresh vegetables and fruit. Limit the amount of sugary candies, chips, ice cream and cookies to a minimum. These types of foods will cause your body to absorb large amounts of calories and fat. Eating well-balanced meals at normal times of the day is another way to keep yourself healthy. If your body does not have the food on a regular basis then it will hold on to whatever fat cells it can. So when you eat a regular times each day your body will know that it is going to get food and not hold those fat cells. Limiting your red meat intake is a good thing to try to do. Red meat is very rough on your digestive system and takes longer to digest in your stomach than white meat. Foods with caffeine, sodium and high carbs should be limited as much as possible. Caffeine is a stimulant and could cause your body to feel hungry when you are not.


Exercise is anything that makes your move. It is not always the running, weight lifting or tread milling like we see on TV. Exercise is taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walk around the corner to the neighborhood coffee shop instead of stepping into the floor cafeteria. There are many things you can do to fit exercise into your busy schedule. Take a bag lunch and walk in the park during your lunch time or instead of calling that co-worker on the phone, take a stride to their desk. Anything that gets you moving will help you get in the exercise you need to live healthy. Get the kids out in the yard and play. Many of the kids now a days just sit around on the computer or game station and do not get enough exercise. Get them involved in an outside sports or some other activity that happens outdoors. Children need sunlight and activities to help their metabolism. This helps to keep them healthy and fit.

Healthy eating and exercise can help reduce obesity in our country. Always consult your doctor before you start any diet and exercise routine to make sure your body is healthy enough for exercise.


How to Find the Best Plastic Surgeon

When you have decided to have some cosmetic surgery done you want to find the best plastic surgeon . This would not be the time to go with the cheapest plastic surgeon, you do not want to end up with a big mess on your hands. Many procedures can be covered by insurance so you may have to go with someone who is in their network. But finding the best one can be a relatively simple job without much stress. The main things to remember is to make sure who you choose is fully licensed and insured for your state, you want to feel comfortable with them. Many hospitals can give a lead in the right direction on where to start looking for the best plastic surgeon you can find.


Many consultants will have a file of the best plastic surgeons in your area. They can tell you if their license is up to date or if there have been any bad complaints on the surgeon. Remember to check and make sure the consultant you use does not accept referral fees or other compensation from the surgeons they recommend you to. You may want to get this in writing in your contract with them.

Your Primary Doctor

Your primary doctor has been in practice around your area for a while, they are a good source on who the best plastic surgeon would be. Especially since they already know your medical history, it will help when they offer you a recommendation. They can also give you more than one plastic surgeon to visit. You always want to check out more than one.

Friends & Family

Friends or Family that have had plastic surgery done are walking advertisements for how things turn out afterwards. They can tell you about their experience with the plastic surgeon they had. Plus you can get names on the ones to avoid, because plastic surgery is not where you want to get a cut-rate doctor. You want a doctor that is going to listen to what you want done and offer you all options to achieve that look. You also want to check into their post surgery procedure, make sure they offer after surgery visits and follow ups. This will help you decide if they are the right one for you.

When you are looking for the best plastic surgeon there are a few pointers you want to remember. Always check their license and insurance and make sure there have been lawsuits filed against them. Check out their staff and make sure they are competent in their job. Make sure you feel comfortable with the plastic surgeon you are interested in. And if any way possible check out past patients. There are many places online that will let patients leave comments on their experiences with certain surgeons. You can research many plastic surgeons online for lawsuits filed and reviews by other patients or even hospitals that they have performed surgeries at. Make sure you do a very through check because this doctor is going to be altering your life forever and you want to make sure you are getting the best plastic surgeon you can find.

Male breast reduction gynecomastia

If you are tired of not being able to take shirt off, or feel like need to borrow your wifes bra, do not fret. There are now plastic surgery options available for men who are in need of male breast reduction surgery. It has become more common than ever for men to undergo gynecomastia. Men have grown to be a lot more careful regarding their appearance. They're doing more to enhance their own health as well as their youthfulness well to their fifties and sixties. This could include everything from using face care items to taking supplements. Additionally, it implies that increasingly more males are embracing plastic surgery for assist in enhancing the look of them and seeking to appear more youthful.

You will find various kinds plastic surgery that males often lean towards. Nose re-shaping, or nose reshaping, is among the most typical kinds of cosmetic surgery gone through by males. Within this surgery, the nose is reformed to higher suit the face area and enables these to become more attractive. You will find two techniques with this procedure, open and closed. No matter which kind of procedure you undergo, you'll have a healing duration of around three days. Throughout that point, you'll have some swelling that might be relieved by cold compresses. There's minimal discomfort involved, which is handled with over-the-counter discomfort medicines.

Another kind of plastic surgery that lots of males undergo is hair transplantation. This process involves taking hair from hair bearing areas and implanting it in to the scalp to resemble natural hair. It is almost always carried out in lots of periods. The only real healing time is all about per week, that is how lengthy it requires for that donor strip area to heal after being sutured. The adopted fur drop out within 2 to 3 days, after which grow back in the region within 2 to 3 several weeks. This kind of plastic surgery is certainly a lengthy process, but the advantages of getting a complete locks are frequently greater than the price of awaiting the process in the future full circle.

Liposuction is yet another common plastic surgery procedure that's done on males. Many males get fed up with being obese, and seek other way to eliminate their extra-large stomach. This can be a rather extensive procedure that accompany hefty recovery occasions. You might experience mild to severe discomfort for 3 to 14 days, throughout which period you'll be on prescription discomfort medicines. You'll experience swelling for 2 days to 2 several weeks, bruising for approximately two days, and numbness that lasts several days.

Breast cutbacks will also be common among males nowadays, because males don't want to possess bigger breasts than their female friends. Some males only have a difficult time slimming down in this region, and want a little of assistance. However, this can be a major surgery and it'll take several several weeks prior to being fully retrieved. The very first couple of days would be the worst, and entail putting on a unique surgical bra plus some discomfort.

You will find other cosmetic surgical procedures being gone through by males too, including botox treatment remedies along with other appearance altering methods. The simple fact is the fact that any cosmetic surgery that you can do on the lady can be achieved on the guy too, and much more males are benefiting from this fact.


Truth about facelift recovery

When you undergo a face lift or any other facial surgery there are many factors involved in the recovery process which are not fully disclosed until after the surgery. Anyone who is considering this process should bear in mind that bruising is a normal part of the process. There is a large amount of downtime and the recovery process involves swelling and discomfort. The average time to fully recover for anyone who has undergone a facelift is between two and six months. We at RMC MD PC have experience averaging 2-3 months with exceptions. Before making a decision you should ask 5 questions: 

  1. Where is the incision going to be?
  2. What to expect after surgery?
  3. How much time is needed from work?
  4. How long before I can return to my fitness activity?
  5. What are the Do's and Don'ts?

Nose reshaping, or nose surgery, is among the most generally carried out kinds of cosmetic surgery. It is possible to elongate or shorten the nose, lift the end from the nose, alter the shape and contour from the nose, or narrow the nostrils. Nose reshaping can effect the cartilage, bone, or both. Methods where the bone is effected create a longer time to recover.

You will find a lot of reasons you might like to undergo nose reshaping cosmetic surgery. You might want to straighten onto your nose bridge, increase or lessen the size, alter the tip, or enhance the position of the nose. Nose reshaping may also be completed to counteract injuries towards the nose, reverse a birth defect, or correct difficulty in breathing.

You will find a couple of risks with nose reshaping, just like you will find with any surgery. Additionally to common surgical risks for example bleeding, infection, and responses to anesthesia, nose reshaping carries perils of recurring nose will bleed, numbness around the nose, breathlessness with the nose, persistent discomfort or swelling, and skin damage. These risks are minor and don't exist in lots of patients; however you should know of these prior to going into surgery. Speak to your physician by what risks are participating and just how they might affect you.

It's also vital that you understand precisely what will occur at the time of the surgery. First, you need to speak to your physician about which kind of anesthesia is going to be used. When the procedure won't be extensive, a nearby anesthetic might be used and you'll be awake throughout the process. However, for additional extensive surgical procedures you will probably be offer sleep using general anesthesia.

Once under anesthesia, your physician can function in your nose. The precise process that'll be done will be different with respect to the results you're searching for. The majority of the jobs are typically done inside the nose. Incisions might be produced in the nostrils and also the septum, and also the skin is going to be peeled from the cartilage and bone to ensure that changes might be made according to that which you talked about together with your physician. Your physician should provide you with a step-by-step procedure regarding the way the surgery will occur prior to the day's your surgery.

Throughout the time to recover you have to limit your activity, avoid swimming and coming onto your nose, limit movement of the upper lip, and steer clear of clothing that pulls within the mind. Additionally, you will need to avoid glasses or shades for around four days following the surgery.

Liposuction breast implants liposuction is not for everyone

Breast implants liposuction is not for everyone. The most important factor when considering this procedure is whether or not you have lost the proper amount of weight.

If you are frustrated together with your breasts being created abnormally or becoming not large enough, you have options but only if you have lost the proper amount of weight needed to undergo the surgical procedure. Breast enlargement has become progressively popular, especially in the entertainment industry. This kind of cosmetic surgery forget about includes as many a cost as previously. Really, you're going to get the surgery for roughly 4Thousand dollars, despite the fact that some doctors charge virtually. While using less costly as well as the time for you to recover of just a few days, it's becoming typically the most popular surgery.

However, as with every surgical procedure you'll find things you should think about whenever you will get yourself a breast enlargement procedure done. First, you have to think about the benefits and make sure they over-shadow the hazards. As with every surgery, you'll find a few risks with breast enlargement, although they're just unusual in occurrence. The benefits, however, are extended lasting, and will include a noteworthy difference within your appearance, self-confidence, and social existence. Sometimes it might even mean improvement within your career.

Another factor you should think about when getting breast enlargement is if you can to genuinely afford it. You will need to pay around four thousand dollars total for your procedure. When calculating the cost, make certain that you just range from the cost of the health care facility and anesthesiologist, additionally to nurses and physician costs. This might accumulate, and is probably not incorporated within the cost from the breast enlargement, so ensure there is a full accounting from the products the endeavor will definitely cost prior to deciding to begin.

One of the finest things you'll have to consider just before the breast enlargement happens when large you need your breasts being. Lots of women only expand their breasts by a few cup dimensions after they undergo this method. That is frequently enough to boost shape, appearance, and self-confidence. However, some women prefer to go larger, together with other women may want to enhance the type of their breasts requiring hardly any augmentation whatsoever. Ultimately, how large your breasts will probably be entirely your choice, and you will be sure that you have completely examined the advantages and disadvantages of enormous breasts prior to deciding to undergo the surgery. Once done, you cannot undo the procedure, and you will be associated with your choice you get. Which means you should select carefully and properly.

Finally, when you start questioning your decision to offer the breast enlargement, which happens oftentimes, you have to help remind yourself of the benefits of obtaining the process done, and what triggered you to definitely certainly want the procedure to start with. It's natural being nervous about any major surgery, which is not any exception. However, if you are likely to employ this process, you'll be capable of overcome your fears. Ultimately, you need to consider the enjoyment you'll receive through getting the procedure, as well as the assistance to your existence generally that it's going to effect.


Michigan cosmetic surgeon

There is a large need for Michigan cosmetic surgeons. Michigan is the fattest state per capital making the need for plastic surgery larger than most areas. Many people are not taking the time to care for themselves and when things become too far gone, it is up to plastic surgery to present an alternative. Plastic surgery can keep a nice appearance while providing people in Michigan with the opportunity to keep up with younger competition, stay young, and feel good. Clearly, the most typical advantage of cosmetic surgery is you will enhance your appearance. However, you will find a number of other potential advantages of cosmetic surgery, with respect to the kind of surgery you are receiving and the explanation for it. Even when you're only concentrating on enhancing the way you look, you might understand that you will find benefits beyond this fact.

For instance, nose reshaping might be completed to improve appearance, but may also be completed to correct difficulty in breathing. A deviated septum, for instance, could be remedied through cosmetic surgery. Lots of people who undergo nose reshaping discover that they obtain the additional advantage of not snoring just as much or whatsoever, in addition to breathing simpler after recovery is finished.

You will find hidden good things about other kinds of cosmetic surgery too. Having a breast reduction, you might be striving to enhance the way you look, but additionally, you will take advantage of getting less weight in your shoulders and back, reducing back discomfort and fixing back problems. Having a breast enhancement, you receive the additional advantage of fixing posture while you make an effort to fully stand up straighter to aid the load of the new breasts.

Liposuction also offers advantages beyond an enhanced appearance. To begin with, individuals who weigh less possess a lower risk for heart disease. Individuals with less weight in it will usually increase such things as bloodstream pressure and cholesterol easier than individuals with many different weight. Additionally, you will benefit since your joints won't have just as much pressure in it, reducing joint discomfort and stiffness. Lots of people also find that it's simpler to help keep weight off and remain healthy after getting liposuction.

You will find also benefits that include enhancing the way you look that you might not have access to considered. Additionally to growing oneself confidence and making your mate more happy together with your looks, additionally, you will have a increase in your social existence. It's true that beautiful individuals are more effective both in careers and social circles. This really is because of the truth that like a society we focus more about beauty and search than we decide to show at first glance. Therefore, whenever you enhance your appearance, you might uncover you have also enhanced your chances in a promotion, particularly if you operate in the entertainment industry. Additionally, you will notice that you will get more dinner invites, more notice in the evening clubs, and usually make more buddies.

Ultimately, the advantages to getting cosmetic surgery are plenty of, and when you're thinking about cosmetic surgery you need to certainly lean toward an optimistic decision. You won't just be enhancing the way you look and improving your existence and self confidence, but additionally, you will be reaping helpful benefits in different ways too based on which kind of surgery you choose to get. Weigh all the benefits and risks together to get the best decision. You might be amazed at the amount of benefits you are able to develop that may help you make your mind up to undergo with cosmetic surgery.



"We had the procedure performed the following week with remarkable results. His self-confidence blossomed. He actually took part in summer activities with no shirt and unfortunately learned about sunburns on the back. Dr. Ruthie, thank you so much for giving him the freedom and the confidence to be my happy, go-lucky son!!!!"
Marie, Auburn Hills, MI

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